Multimedia Star Wars Day Collection

I was going to write something all moody and self-pitying (and still might sometime soon) but then I remembered today was May 4th and therefore Star Wars Day, which is cause for celebration! I’ve written before about how much Star Wars influenced me, both personally and creatively, and at the moment I have nothing new to add to that conversation, other than another long fan-girl squeal. So instead of boring you with a ramble, I’m sharing some fun things around the internet, all Star Wars related, that you might enjoy:


(Please follow the twitter link to watch the adorable short video!)


A really fascinating documentary about the making of the Despecialized Edition of the Original Star Wars Trilogy for Blu-Ray by Harmy!

“Ahsoka Tano: May the 4th Be With You” by DiamondLegacy on DeviantART

2 thoughts on “Multimedia Star Wars Day Collection

  1. I love that you included the Despecialized Edition!

    Here’s another piece of musical Mandalorian media you might like:

    1. Of course I included the Despecialized Edition! Greatest thing since sliced bread! πŸ˜‰

      Ooooh, thank you! Love the music… but I probably would appreciate it more if I’d seen any of the Rocky movies… which I have not. ^_^;;

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