Editing Services

I am now offering editing services! Please feel free to contact me at kclements.editor@gmail.com. I look forward to working with you!



I have a Bachelor’s of Arts in English and have been an amateur editor for the better part of ten years. I am also a reader, a fantasy writer, and librarian. In 2014, I contributed several articles to the online newsletter Scoop, which you can read here as examples of my work. I can guarantee high-quality, detail-oriented results delivered in a timely and courteous fashion. Any questions or points to be negotiated? Please contact me at kclements.editor@gmail.com.


Services offered:

  • Developmental Editing (big picture review on pacing, flow, strengths and weaknesses of the work as a whole, major structural changes suggested)
  • Line Editing (points out specific places where the manuscript is particularly strong or weak and suggests changes)
  • Proofreading/Copyediting (punctuation, spelling, grammar, word choice, sentence structure, continuity errors)

I edit fiction novels, novellas, and short stories, specializing in science fiction and fantasy. Movie or stage scripts will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Nonfiction and technical submissions will not be accepted. I retain the right to decline any project.

* Please note that I am NOT a ghost-writer. I will only offer suggestions or corrections to improve the story. I will NOT implement these changes or rewrite your work.

** Unless otherwise specified by the client, I focus on Developmental and Line editing when I receive an assignment. If a manuscript has few large flaws, then proofreading/copyediting may be included.



$2.00 per page.  A manuscript page is 250 words, as per the Editorial Freelancers Association Guidelines. I will edit the first page of a manuscript for first-time clients at no charge to see if the client is comfortable with my editing style. If that page is resubmitted later for further editing, it will be included in calculating the total fee. If the assignment is a short story with a length of 10 pages or less, I will edit the first page for free. I will look over short stories under 20 pages a second time for a flat fee of $15. Longer works will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

**If you only want one of the three editing options listed above, then the fee is $1.75 per page.


Method of payment: 

50% of the fee is due before commencement of any assignment. The remaining 50% is due after completion of the assignment and confirmed receipt by the client. Payment can be made via PayPal or Venmo.



Please allow 10 days per 100 pages. Response time may be faster depending on the depth of the editing and my day job’s schedule. If more time is needed, you will be contacted to see if an extension is feasible. If you have a deadline requiring a faster turnaround, the price will be increased by $2 per page per every two days. (For example, if you require 200 pages to be edited in 8 days, the price will go from the original $2 per page to $4 per page. If you require 200 pages to be edited in 6 days, the price will rise to $6 per page. I will not accept assignments that require turnarounds faster than 5 days.


Submission Guidelines: 

  • The client may send a request for editorial services with a description of the project and the editing services requested (proofreading/copy-editing, line editing, and/or development editing) to kclements.editor@gmail.com. Please include a 1-2 page sample of the manuscript you wish edited.
  • A manuscript can be edited in separate sessions by client request. For example, if a client has a 200 page manuscript but can only afford to have 100 pages edited at the time, they may submit those first 100 pages, and send the rest at another time for a separate fee.
  • Please attach a Rich Text or Word Document to your request. I also have access to Google Docs, if that is preferred. If for any reason I cannot open the file, I will contact you and we will find a compatible format. Editing will begin as soon as I have confirmed receipt of payment and the document.
  • A copy of the document will be returned via email to the client upon completion of the assignment. The suggested edits will be marked in red.  A letter addressing overarching developmental issues and suggestions may be included. If you have any questions regarding my edits or suggestions, please contact me.
  • If a client chooses to terminate the contract prior to completion, the 50% down payment will not be refunded.
  • I retain the right to refuse service to any client.



All editing suggestions that do not involve proofreading/copy editing are subject to my own opinions. Large changes in the story are to be made your own discretion. I try to keep any and all changes as close to the original tone, outline, and vision of the author as much as possible  I try to respect the story and the characters in it. If my suggestions conflict with your vision of the story, you are, of course, under no obligation to use them.

4 thoughts on “Editing Services

  1. I enlisted Kat’s help for a professional document, and she did an amazing job. She spent the time reorganizing my written work so it flowed more easily, and even added to and/or changed what I wrote so the concepts I was introducing were more easily understood.

    Definitely a top-tier editing service.

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