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Since I’ve written articles for other sites around the web, I decided to compile a list of links to those places in case you want to read something of mine that’s a little different.  New articles and publications will be added as they arise!

“Where the magic of collecting comes alive!”

This e-newsletter from Diamond Publishing is a goldmine for information on the world of comics.  The following are three guest articles I was asked to write by Mark Squirek:

COVER STORY: Space Family Robinson #23
COVER STORY: The Chronicles of Arcea #1
A Brief History of Steampunk

Fellowship & Fairydust
“Inspiring faith and creativity and exploring the arts through a spiritual lens.”
In January 2017, The Fellowship of the King merged with the online magazine Ink and Fairy Dust. My TFOTK articles have been migrated over to the new website and I have updated those links below. I will continue my periodic contributions to F&F.

 “A Hollow Promise: Harry Potter and the Betrayal of the Readers” by Hikari Katana (Ink & Fairydust. Harry Potter Issue, July/Aug 2017, pp. 10-11)
Let Imagination Be Your Guide: The Challenges and Possibilities of Fantasy Writing
“Sins of the Eldar, or The Tragedy of Tolkien’s Elves” by Hikari Katana (Ink & FairydustTolkien, Man of Masterpieces, Spring 2019, pp. 24-30)
“The Extended Family of the Enterprise” by Hikari Katana (Ink & Fairydust. Space, Fall 2019, pp. 16-19)
NEW! “Only the Power of Creation… Life, Death, and Rebirth in Legend by Kat Clements (Fellowship & Fairydust, vol. 1, no. 16, Spring 2021, pp. 57-58)

The Fellowship of the King
“Literary expressions of Catholic homeschoolers and homeschool graduates.”
I’m not religious, but I was a homeschooler, so I was happy to help out when Rosaria Marie asked me to contribute some guest articles. The website is shut down now, so these links will take you to the migrated copies on Fellowship & Fairydust. (Note: Some of these can also be found on Second Unit Reviews now as well.)

Tolkien’s Mythic History: How Middle-Earth Launched the Fantasy Genre
The Legend of Holly Claus: A Book Review
Doctor Calls and Dark Crystals: An Eclectic Film & Television Sampler
Keep Reading: A Bibliophile’s Guide to Becoming a Librarian
“Handsome and the Hag”: A Gender-Switched Retelling of Beauty and the Beast
 Love, Strength, and Dignity: The Many Faces of Jane Eyre
“My Mother’s Soul”
Beauty and the Beast: Modern Disney vs. Classic Disney

Nerd in the Brain
“This nerd’s life.”
I was asked to contribute a guest article after participating in the 2015 Summer Reading (and Writing) Challenge. The sad news is that this site no longer exists. The good news is that‘s Wayback Machine was able to curate a snap-shot of the webpage so you can still read my review!

Kat Clements Reviews A Galaxy of Possibilities

Geek La Femme
“Setting a new tone for the geek community.”
Unfortunately, this site created by my friend Michelle is no longer active, so there probably won’t be new additions to this list.  I chose to include links to all of the articles I contributed to GLF rather than just a generic link to my author archives because there’s a bit of a scrolling issue as you get to the older articles.  The articles are in chronological order, oldest to newest.  Articles with a (*) are reviews of books/movies/TV/anime or informative entries rather than fluff or time-sensitive topics. (Note: Some of these can also be found on Second Unit Reviews now as well.)

Greetings and Salutations!
Stop-Motion Frenzy
Halloween anime that will steal your soul (or at least your heart)
* Crashing into theaters near you…
History of a Newbie Gamer
Reservoir Dogs RULES!
An Unexpected Journey…to the theater
New Systems For A New Year
Book to Anime: Deltora Quest
Friedman Fan Art
Will and Hope in the face of cancellation
If Doctor Who and The Twilight Zone had a child…
I found another show to love…
More ways to save Green Lantern TAS and Young Justice
“R2 Tutu”
Fun Links and Randomness
The HALO Experience
Attention Writers! Camp NaNo awaits!
Introverts Among Us
“Slayed” by an AMV
Legend of Zelda Movie Trailer
The Future of TV? – Reblogged from The Shelver’s Corner
Fun Links, 2nd edition
My Little Whovians
Rules for Magic — Yea or Nay?
Save Young Justice — Weekend of Action!
Why “Brave” Doesn’t Have an Exceptional Princess
Neil Gaiman’s “Neverwhere” is a radio play!
Watch out! It’s Samurai Jack!
Is More Detail Better? A Brief Discussion of HALO Graphics
Godlike Scalpel Skills: Black Jack
A Little Loki Love
Videos Galore!
“We Be Blue Electric Angels” — The Saga of Matthew Swift
Mass Effect Madness

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