Ravens and Roses


Ryn Élan is captain of the elite Ravens Company, and loyal servant and personal guard of Admiral Scion Argent. She has served him faithfully for years, but something strange has started to happen. The Admiral is acting less and less like himself, and Ryn’s Ravens are being sent on increasingly suicidal missions. When something bad happens to Ryn’s little sister Marella, Ryn must choose between bonds of fealty and bonds of family.

Erasmus Ébrenn, an inquisitive young man from a farming family, wants nothing more than to remain at the local Wizard School studying magic. However, students at different Wizard Schools across Marina are vanishing under mysterious and violent circumstances. When his best friend and fellow student Lonan disappears, Erasmus must follow a faint train of blood and deceit into the depths of Marina’s capital city.

As the paths of wizard and warrior converge, the fate of their loved ones and the survival of Marina hangs in the balance. Some things with long memories are better left undisturbed…