Astral Rain

I would really love to have this be a manga eventually, but for right now, I must content myself with a novel version. I chose Astral Rain for my Script Frenzy project, since scripts for graphic novels were acceptable entries. I have about 100 pages of the script complete, but I haven’t worked on the script or prose versions for some time. This story follows seven young people on an alternate version of Earth where humans develop strange, almost magical powers due to exposure to an element called “opalesque.” These mutated humans are called “Sennin” which were wiped out in a great war known as the Cataclysm. Since then, people are watched closely for any signs of these powers resurfacing. Those who “awaken” are… dealt with.


Everyone has problems:  

Irene’s mother works three jobs to make ends meet. Damien is bullied at school. Jenny’s parents ignore her. Vanessa lives in an abusive home.  Peony’s mother is dying of cancer. Linnet is disconnected from the real world. And Matthias is being hunted by the psychopath who murdered his parents. On top of that, they are Sennin, humans possessing powers that, if uncovered, will lead to their execution. But if they don’t learn to wield these powers, fast, they’ll all end up dead and Time itself will be rewritten.

Some problems are a little more complicated than others.