On this page you will find a list with brief summaries of the novels I am currently working on.  Eventually, I hope to have a list of published works to add to the works-in-progress, but we’re not there yet.


Courting the Moon

From October 2015 until April 2017, I focused on writing and editing a steampunk fantasy/romance, originally titled “All’s Fair in Love and War” (referred to alternatively as “All’s Fair” or AFiLaW.) I put all of my other writing projects on hold, including Ravens and Roses, and now I can say that, five drafts later, I have a complete, edited manuscript ready for agents and publishers. (I hadn’t posted anything about this before because I was a little embarrassed to be writing a romance novel. Originally, I was going to publish it under a pseudonym, but decided I should stand proudly by my work. Some might say it’s far more fantasy/steampunk than a traditional romance, but I like it anyway. Hopefully others will too.)

Synopsis of Courting the Moon

Marriage is the last thing on Prince Nathaniel’s mind. Unfortunately, his father has other plans. Nathaniel is offered as a husband for the foreign princess, Shakti, to secure an alliance with her people. But Shakti is even less interested in marriage than Nathaniel and isn’t afraid to say so. Sparks of rage and passion fly between newlywed husband and wife as their cultures, expectations, and desires clash. Can they make the alliance, and their marriage, work? 


The Mariner Sequence

After a (rather long) hiatus, I have returned to The Mariner Sequence! The characters and most of the plot are set; I simply need to finish writing the first draft and begin the arduous process of editing.  Currently, I’m working on the first book of the series: Ravens and Roses.  I hope to have a total of four books in the series which will chronologically precede Ravens and Roses: a prequel called Seahawks and Storms about the first Admiral of Marina, and a duology that deals with the history of the Vuorien (The Clan Wars and The Skarien Exile).  I also hope to write a collection of short stories and/or novelettes called Tales from Landfall.  All the books in The Mariner Sequence take place in my fantasy world of Marina (pronounced “MARE-in-ah”).

Synopsis of Ravens and Roses

Ryn Élan is captain of the elite Ravens Company, and loyal servant and personal guard of Admiral Scion Argent. She has served him faithfully for years, but something strange has started to happen.  The Admiral is acting less and less like himself, and Ryn’s Ravens are being sent on increasingly suicidal missions.  When something bad happens to Ryn’s little sister Marella, Ryn must choose between bonds of fealty and bonds of family.

Erasmus Ébrenn, an inquisitive young man from a farming family, wants nothing more than to remain at the Wizard School studying magic. However, students at different Wizard Schools across Marina have been vanishing under mysterious and violent circumstances.  When his best friend and fellow student Lonan disappears, Erasmus must follow a faint train of blood and deceit into the depths of Marina’s capital city.

As the paths of wizard and warrior converge, the fate of their loved ones and the survival of Marina hangs in the balance. For some things with long memories are better left undisturbed…


Astral Rain

I would really love to have this be a manga eventually, but for right now, I must content myself with a novel version.  I chose Astral Rain for my Script Frenzy project, since scripts for graphic novels were acceptable entries.  I have about 100 pages of the script complete, but I haven’t worked on the script or prose versions for some time.  This story follows seven young people on an alternate version of Earth where humans develop strange, almost magical powers due to exposure to an element called Opalesque.  These mutated humans are called “Sennin” which were wiped out in a great war known as the Cataclysm.  Since then, people are watched closely for any signs of these powers resurfacing.  Those who “awaken” are…dealt with.

Synopsis of Astral Rain:

Everyone has problems:  

Irene’s mother works three jobs to make ends meet.  Damien is bullied at school.  Jenny’s parents ignore her.  Vanessa lives in an abusive home.  Peony’s mother is dying of cancer.  Linnet is disconnected from the real world.  And Matthias is being hunted by the psychopath that murdered his parents.  On top of that, they are Sennin, humans possessing powers that, if uncovered, will lead to their execution.  But if they don’t learn to wield these powers, fast, they’ll all end up dead and Time itself will be rewritten.

As I said, everyone has problems.



I haven’t worked on this project for a long time…but that doesn’t mean I’ve given up on it!  Rinamathair is the working title for a story that was born from an amalgamation of several short stories.  I plan on it being a fairly traditional high fantasy (although who knows what the characters will have to say about that), featuring ice dragons and a quartet of elemental unicorns.  The world and plot are still being formed so I don’t have a synopsis, but you can read the creation story and view the world map on my DeviantART page.


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