On this page you will find a list of all the major novels I have in various stages of production. Some are just in the early planning stages while others are nearing completion. At some point, hopefully soon, I’ll have a way to show how far along I am with each project. Eventually there will be a list of published works to add to the works-in-progress, but we’re not quite there yet. The titles that have an asterisk ( * ) are books that have more information on a separate page.

The Mariner Sequence
Ravens and Roses *
Seahawks and Storms *
The Clan Wars
The Skarien Exile
Tales from Landfall (short story collection)

The Arcenciel Romances
Courting the Moon *
Pleasing the Sea
– “TBA” w/ Alexis & Sophia

Stand-Alone Adult/Young Adult Novels
Astral Rain (OEL manga) *
Spells in Sepia (urban fantasy) *
“Rinamathair” (high fantasy)
DragonFriend (high fantasy)
Moon’s Fire/Moon’s Water (high fantasy, possible duology)
Faylinn (YA fantasy) *

Middle-Grade Novels
Jewel and the Skyrunners (1-2 books)
Rose & Violet (1-3 books)

Astra’s Revenge (adult science fiction trilogy to be co-authored with my father)


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