The Mariner Sequence


Book 1: Ravens and Roses
Book 2: Seahawks and Storms

The Mariner Sequence is a group of high fantasy novels set in the world of Marina (pronounced “MARE-in-ah”). The idea for the first book, Ravens and Roses, grew out of a dream that I had in 2006. It consisted of just a few characters and one or two scenes, which I dutifully wrote down, but then the project sat. In 2010, I used my first foray into National Novel Writing Month to hammer out a first draft. Work has continued on the series, albeit not at a consistent pace. The characters and most of the plot are set; I simply need to finish writing the first draft and begin the arduous process of editing.

I plan to have a total of four books in the series which will chronologically precede Ravens and Roses: a prequel called Seahawks and Storms about the first Admiral of Marina, and a duology that deals with the history of the Vuorien (The Clan Wars and The Skarien Exile).  I also hope to write a collection of short stories and/or novelettes called Tales from Landfall. Rather like The Hero and the Crown and The Blue Sword by Robin McKinley, I want books in The Mariner Sequence to stand on their own without a rigid reading order, but will give a richer, more complete experience if all of them are read.

A preliminary map for the world of Marina. (Made using Inkarnate.)