Stand-Alone Works

As time becomes more precious, I find myself less likely to pick up a book if I see it is part of a series or trilogy. A series has to either be by an author I really love or comes with high recommendations from people I trust. So as a writer, I’ve decided that I will offer primarily stand-alone works of fantasy, unless the story demands that it must cover more than a single book to do it justice. Even the books that are ostensibly part of a series, like The Mariner Sequence or The Arcenciel Romances are connected by virtue of having several novels in the same world with some character overlap, but my goal is that readers won’t have to read all of the books, or even read them in a specific order, to enjoy and understand them.

Below is a list of the stand-alone books that I’m in various stages of working on. The titles that are in quotes indicate it is a working title and may not be the name of the final version. The ones with an asterik ( * ) are far enough along in production to justify having their own (albeit minimalist) page on The Cat’s Cradle:

Stand-Alone Adult/Young Adult Novels
Astral Rain (OEL manga) *
DragonFriend (high fantasy)
Faylinn (YA fantasy) *
Spells in Sepia (urban fantasy) *
Moon’s Fire/Moon’s Water (high fantasy, possible duology)
“Rinamathair” (high fantasy)