Updates On The Fly

Greetings all!

My apologies, but the Audio Editions of The Cat’s Cradle, including #ThrowbackThursday, must be put on hold for a while.  I’ve (finally) started taking anti-depressants, and a pernicious side effect is not being able to read text, any kind of text, for more than a half hour without getting a nasty headache.  (Sometimes I can’t even manage five minutes.  So far painkillers don’t touch it.)  And even though I am ecstatic about the arrival of spring, the changing season wreaks havoc on my sinuses.  I tend to be out of commission for a week or two, trying to keep my head from exploding.

As a result, I must be very careful with my time, and finishing Ravens and Roses is more important to me than anything else.  So, it may be a while before I write another substantial blog entry or record an Audio Edition.  Depending on whether or not this side effect diminishes, I may not do another month of LeNoWriCha for a while either.

The upside is, having a limited amount of time to write has really focused my attention.  A scene that has been eluding me for over a year has finally been written!  (I knew what needed to happen, I just… hadn’t bothered to actually write out the scene.)  Less really can be more.  I am more motivated to do things, so I feel like life is starting the long, slow slog towards improvement.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.  Stay awesome, read often, and keep writing!

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