Fighting for Green Lantern TAS

I had the creative wind knocked out of my sails this morning by the news that Green Lantern: The Animated Series has been canceled.

I’ll admit, I started sobbing.  When the tears faded, rage replaced them.  The utter unfairness of it shakes me to the core.  If a show is bad and gets no views, it gets canceled.  If it’s bad and gets lots of views, it lives.  If it’s good and gets lots of views, it gets canceled.  If it’s good and gets no views, it gets canceled.  Anyone notice the unfair pattern emerging?  Why does SpongeBob live and Green Lantern get canned?  I would much rather have my kids watch Green Lantern than half the shit that’s put up on television.  In fact, after watching the first season (packaged as “Season 1, Part 1”), I actually said that I would have kids, just for the chance to have them grow up watching Green Lantern.  (And that’s coming from someone who has said on many occasions that kids are the last thing I want.)

To Warner Brothers and Cartoon Network:  I can see no reason why Green Lantern: TAS should be canceled.  Both kids and adults love it, the ratings have been high, there is a massive amount of fan support, and it was even nominated for Best General Audience Animated TV Production at the 39th Annie Awards.  The characters are wonderful, relateable, and interesting.  The plots are engaging, well-written, and tightly knit.  It has breath-taking cinematography and a neat visual style.  (A lot of people complain about the “cheap-looking” CGI animation.  Really?  It’s stylized, but not bad, perhaps more reminiscent of a video game animation than traditional, but that doesn’t make the emotion less compelling or the action less cool.)  The music is beautiful.  And we love it.  WHAT MORE COULD YOU POSSIBLY WANT?!  WHY ARE YOU CANCELING THIS SHOW?!  WHY?!  IT MAKES NO SENSE!  (There is a horrible kind of sense, but it’s so materialistic and sickening that I refuse to acknowledge it.)

Right now I’m going everywhere I can find places to get the word out about this petition:  “Cartoon Network; Warner Bros: Bring back Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series.”  Please, if you hate seeing good shows get canceled, please sign this petition and pass it along.  If you don’t want to sign it, please just pass it on.  There may be friends of yours who don’t realize what has happened and, like me, don’t want to let this go without a fight.

Fighting for Green Lantern TAS

2 thoughts on “Fighting for Green Lantern TAS

  1. I do understand that the chances of saving Green Lantern TAS are slim, especially with an online petition. But I still feel that the fans should show their anger at this ridiculous move. It might not get the show reinstated on Cartoon Network. But maybe it can find a home elsewhere. At the very least, I like to show my support.

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