Mystery Box

Yeah, sorry guys, I’ve got nothing this week.  My brain is not in a cooperative writing mood.  I was toying with the idea of writing an entry about the wonders of the Mystery genre since I have been watching and reading a lot of detective stories lately.  I’m into the fourth season of Castle and I just started Sherlock, a BBC adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s super sleuth that brings Sherlock and Watson into the present day.  I’ll admit, I was rather leery of this “modernization” because it usually fails terribly.  But somehow…this works.  It’s a modern Sherlock Holmes that doesn’t lose the quirky awesomeness of the original, even adapting the original stories such as A Study in Scarlet in a modern fashion.  And it works.  I’m not sure how, but the level of detail and planning it must have taken is astounding.  Benedict Cumberbatch is a wonderful Sherlock Holmes and I really like Martin Freeman as John Watson.  The dynamics and chemistry between those two are amazing.

So.  Yeah.  Mystery.  It’s good.  Hard genre to pull off well.  Go watch Sherlock.  And Castle.  Lots of Castle.  And Nathan Fillion.  Yum.

Give the Men Some Love

I was going to write a more serious entry this week, but decided against it.  I have been at the epicenter of some of my favorite shows in the past few days, so that’s where my mind has been.  Since I believe in following my literary impulses, I thought I would share with you some of my favorite male characters.  (I will avoid spoilers as much as I can.)

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Actor:  Peter Woodward
Series:  Babylon 5: Crusade

Wizard, British, wry sense of humor, and black leather coats…what more could a girl ask for?  Galen is a techno-mage, part of an eclectic order that uses an ancient advanced technology to simulate the effects of magic…and is pretty odd and mysterious even by the standards of that order.  He’s highly independent and powerful as well as irritating to other characters in Crusade because he “shows up when he’s least wanted and most needed,” not to mention having a habit of withholding information.  I love Galen’s wry, often cynical sense of humor, his crisp, precise way of speaking, and his eyes are some of the most expressive I’ve ever seen.  He’s also one of my favorite character-types, what I call “the Tortured Soul.”  Characters of this type have hidden histories, often tragic, that slowly comes to light over the course of the series.  Galen is one of those who tries to be completely self-sufficient, but his efforts only highlight his isolation and loneliness.  Which only makes me want to give him a hug.  ^_^

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