Writer Shout-Out: Chuck Wendig of ”Terrible Minds”

I’m afraid that I don’t have much to say this week, mostly because I just finished the third season of Castle and I’m frothing at the mouth trying to get access to the fourth season.  (No, I do not have regular TV and no, I am not willing to wait a week for each episode to air.  Not when we have the Interwebz, bitches!)  *ahem*  At any rate, I did want to share a delightfully foul-mouthed writers’ blog known as “Terrible Minds” by Chuck Wendig, Penmonkey Extraordinaire.

My writing group spent this past Sunday discussing two of Mr. Wendig’s articles, 25 Things Writers Should Start Doing and 25 Things Writers Should Stop Doing (Right Fucking Now).  If you don’t mind cursing and some interesting but anatomically impossible metaphors, then I highly recommend reading some of the articles of “Terrible Minds.”  He treats the material in an irreverent manner that is hilarious to read, but the subjects and suggestions are quite viable.  I don’t agree with everything he says in each article, but it’s still worth taking a look and is fun to read, for both newbies and professionals.

Some examples, in addition to the ones above, to give you a taste of this juicy goodness, are as follows.  Hope you enjoy!

A Long Look At “Show, Don’t Tell”

25 Reasons I Hate Your Main Character

How To Be A Full-Time Writer:  A “25 Things You Should Know” Investigative Report

25 Lies Writers Tell (And Start To Believe) 

Ten Things You Should Know About Writing Screenplays

25 Things You Should Know About Creativity 


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