Just a Quick Update

I apologize, but I’m afraid there will not be a large entry this week due to the fact that I am very ill.  I got to battle the unseasonal winter weather this past Saturday.  My car died when I stopped to get gas on the way home, I had no coat, no gloves, and had to help my younger brother push my car out of the way for the duration of the storm.

When I returned home, my house was without electricity.  No electricity means no heat, since I have been relying on electric heaters to warm my house until such time that my furnace could be fixed.  I stayed the night at my parents’ house, and returned home the next day when the electricity returned.  (Thank you, Storm Elf, for your lovely quilt.  It is soooo warm!)   And, yesterday morning, Shipley appeared to make my furnace all better.  She’s purring like a kitten now.

However, my little escapades in the snow gave me a sore throat and fever, so I’ve been tucked in bed most of the day with an IV of Sunny D in my arm.  Just my luck that National Novel Writing Month began today while my brain was all fizzled.  So I’ve been struggling to make my word count between watching episodes of Babylon 5 and napping with a wet washcloth on my forehead and kittens covering my lap.  And I did it!  I wrote 1794 words today, and the daily goal is 1667!  So, despite the fever, I’m off to a good start.  Let’s hope I can keep it up.

So, I apologize for the mostly-non-writing-related entry this week, and crave your indulgence until next week when hopefully my brains will be a little less scrambled.  Until then, write on, my fellow Wrimos!  Write on!

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