Handy Books For Writers

I have always enjoyed reading books about writing.  For some reason, it gets me in the mood to write.  Plus, there are plenty of suggestions, hints, or theories that can help me overcome writer’s block or attack a plot problem from a different angle.  Over the years, there are a few such books that were quite useful to me.

How To Write Science Fiction & Fantasy by Orson Scott Card  
This is the only book I’ve found that deals solely with the problems that plague fantasy and sci-fi writers.  Orson Scott Card is a prolific writer in both genres, although he does learn a bit more towards the sci-fi.  But, either way, he does an excellent job defining fantasy versus sci-fi and addressing the problems inherent in dealing with those genres.  It’s a great, easy-to-follow read and it’s relatively short, only 140 pages, so it doesn’t take very long to devour it.  This is a must-have for writers of fantasy and science fiction.

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