What Minds Accept

The other day I was going through a stack of books being sent back to the main library.  We rotate our collection periodically and books that have been on the shelf for too long get sent back to be replaced with newer books.  I always flip through ones that catch my eye, even though most of them are romance, mystery, or realistic fiction, and I usually don’t read those genres.

One of the books that caught my attention was Blind Submission by Debra Ginsberg.  Since it’s about reading, writing, and publishing, I looked at the book description.  The heroine is a reader named Angel Robinson who lands a dream job working for a publishing agent.  However, the job is harder than it looks because she’s constantly trying to balance her dragon-like boss’s ego with finding and polishing good book submissions.  The struggle keeps her on her toes.  But things get creepy when Angel receives an anonymous (“blind”) submission and the contents of the manuscript mirror her own life.  As subsequent chapters of the book appear in her inbox, along with intimate revelations of her lie and thinly veiled threats, Angel must play a game of cat-and-mouse that might quickly become deadly.

After I finished reading the front leaf, I wrinkled my nose and said, “Really?  This idea is too flimsy and relies way too much on coincidence to be believable.”

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