Favored Fairytales: Beauty and the Beast

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This entry is part of an on-going series discussing my favorite fairytales and their multiple modern re-tellings.  Any entries relating to this topic will be labeled “Favored Fairytales.” 


Have you ever found yourself consuming numerous variations of a single story?  I go through different spurts, often tied to genre, but sometimes a particular kind of story grabs me and won’t let go until it’s sated.  So I wanted to talk about one of my favorite fairytales, one that is probably familiar to most people.

Like most kids, I was raised on Disney films.  Some I always felt lukewarm about, some that used to be favorites no longer appeal to me, even though I can appreciate the talent and artistry that went into making them.  I never liked Sleeping Beauty and I was always ambivalent about Snow White and Cinderella.  Some, like The Lion King and Mulan, have withstood the test of time and remain favorites.  When I was a kid, The Little Mermaid was my favorite, hands down.  But now, as an adult, a different film has risen to the top of the list:  Beauty and the Beast.

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