Why Write? Why Not?

It’s ironic that, fifteen years ago, the last thing I wanted to be was a writer.

During my elementary years as a homeschooled student, composition class was my least favorite subject.  I suppose regular schools lump reading and writing under the heading “English,” but for me they were two separate things.  Reading was fun and fast.  Writing was a torture that dragged on for what felt like hours.  I remember my father tell me that I would probably grow up and become a great writer.  I looked up from grinding out another line of loopy, childishly careful cursive and declared that I would never, ever EVER become a writer.  Not in a million years!

Look who had the last laugh on that one.  As it turns out, Dad knew where my talents lay better than I did.  It’s interesting how it took me so long to come around to writing, considering how much I loved to read.  Plus, I always enjoyed crafting stories of my own, which I would reenact with my long-suffering toy horses, Barbie dolls, dinosaurs, and Hot Wheels cars.  (I believe we still have one of my stories involving My Little Ponies floating around on videotape somewhere…)  In any case, while I loved “playing” stories, it took me years before it occurred to me to write them down, or that my world- and character-creation was essentially the same thing real writers did.  I had other careers in mind.

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What is my purpose here?

Good question.  I suppose, in order to answer that, we should progress logically through the five W’s and lone H.  Shall we begin?

My name is Kat Clements and I am a fantasy author-in-progress.


This is my writer’s blog where I will post information about my current projects, what inspires me to write, my influences, various tricks of the trade that I’ve learned, and answering any questions fans or other passers-by might have.  Each blog will have it’s own “theme” or a question that it will address.


Updates should occur every Tuesday evening between 8:30pm and 9:00pm Eastern Standard Time.


I’m an American writer (Pennsylvanian if you want to be more specific) and my blog will always be posted here on “The Cat’s Cradle.”  Check out my list of sites along the right side of the page if you are interested in seeing some of my poetry, artwork, fan fiction, or cosplay.


Sheer force of personality.  And fingers.  Originally via Blogspot/Blogger from June 2011-March 2013.  As of March 2013, I have officially switched over to using WordPress.  (If you’re wondering how I write or how I get my work done, you’ll have to wait for that blog entry!  It’s coming, I promise!)


Well, if you’ve gotten this far, you’re probably one of three people:

A) You’re a friend of mine and wanted to show your support by reading my blog.

B) You’re a fan of me/my writing and are curious to find out more about me/my writing process/my stories.

C) You’re an internet surfer who happened to stumble across my blog and for some reason it interested you enough to keep reading.  Welcome!  (Who knows, you might learn something useful!)

Thank you very much for reading and I hope that you will enjoy my work!