Recap of (Re)Generation Who 2!

Hello, I’m back from my second year of (Re)Generation Who!  I promise this recap will not be as long as the previous one, since I won’t have to describe my surroundings or costume as thoroughly.  Sorry, didn’t take as many photographs this year; it always makes me feel a little awkward, and I saw a lot of folk this year in the same costumes as last time, so I didn’t feel the need.  I did get my picture taken twice though, and got a lot of compliments on my Donna costume.

Once again, I went as the 10th Doctor’s companion Donna Noble in her “Journey’s End” outfit.  (Yes, these pictures are from last year, sorry it took so long to upload.)  This time I had a belt that didn’t try to fall off every five seconds.  I also got a new wig, one that didn’t require as much trimming.  I’m still not completely happy with the bangs, but eh, I’ll nail it eventually.  I did see several other people dressed as Donna in her purple Greek outfit from “The Fires of Pompeii,” but no others from “Journey’s End.”  (There were a LOT of River Songs this year!)  I really want to get one of Donna’s other costumes though, probably the one from her cameo in “The End of Time,” which I could wear in warmer temperatures.

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