Getting Real About Writer’s Burn Out and Social Media Demands

KAT’S THOUGHTS:  I very rarely reblog anything, but I thought this one was extremely important for writers and other creative folk to remember. I’ve felt this burn-out coming on myself with way too many things going on in my life, and the ubiquitous social media only adds to that strain. Cate Russell-Cole hits the nail on the head with her post, so please be sure to Like or favorite her post as well! And now for some relaxation…

Why Love At First Sight Doesn’t Work In A Story

I recently watched Steven Spielberg’s Titanic for the first time in over a decade. My first experience was less than stellar; I remember liking the visuals, the cinematography, the effects, the music.  But I loathed all of the characters.  This time around, the visuals remain stunning, breath-taking, well-worthy of all the Academy Awards this movie received.  The sinking of the ship itself remains powerful, heartbreaking, and utterly chilling.

Yet I still don’t like the main characters, Jack and Rose.  I understood them better, understood their choices, their positions, and empathized more than I did when I was ten.  But I still didn’t really like them.  Or maybe it isn’t a matter of “liking.”  They would be fine as acquaintances.  But I didn’t…connect with them, not on any meaningful level that persisted past the end credits.


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